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Gregory Rix

Senior Research Associate

Gregory is a Senior Research Associate in the Murrell lab at the University of East Anglia (UEA). In 2017 he graduated from the UEA with a Masters (1st) in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry, MChem. After which, beginning his PhD with Professor Charles Brearley examining the Biodiversity of Phytate Cycling in Soils in a project funded by the EnvEast (NERC) Doctoral Training Partnership, in conjunction with AB Vista as a CASE partner.

Isoprene is one of the most abundant biogenic volatile organic compounds that is emitted into the atmosphere at similar quantities to that of methane. As a climate agent, it is vitally important to understand the biogeochemical cycling of this compound which is currently poorly understood. 

The primary focus of this project is in investigating the bacterial metabolism of isoprene, decoding the genes, proteins and expressional controls of this pathway. As a recent addition (Nov ’21) to the Murrell lab, Gregory is involved in developing techniques for deciphering the intermediates involved in the complete degradation pathway of isoprene using HPLC and LC-MS. 

Funding: European Research Council Advanced Grant awarded to Professor Colin Murrell.

Techniques used: DNA/RNA extraction, PCR, RT-qPCR, Cloning, Gene knockouts, Protein Purification, HPLC, NMR, Gas chromatography.

Greg Rix photo 2022.jpg

Contact Details

School of Environmental Sciences,
University of East Anglia,
Norwich Research Park
Norwich, NR4 7TJ, UK


+44 (0)1603 592239

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